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Community Support


"The Music is BEAUTIFUL!"

"I love being a part of this!"

"Wow! This is so cool!"

"Playing an instrument makes me have a lot of responsibility."


"My daughter is really thriving in this program and really enjoys her teachers."

"Great instruction!"

"This is a fantastic program that has exceeded my expectations. Our child now loves music and has had lots of fun this year. The quality of instruction and overall attitude of everyone involved is wonderful."

Music Educators:

"Learning an instrument is an invaluable way for your child to develop cognitively (by simultaneously using both sides of the brain), build confidence, work on fine motor and listening skills, develop friendships, instantly work as a 'starter' on a team, put their phone down, express themselves, and most importantly, have FUN! Than you for supporting (and continuing to support) your child's music education!"

"Playing music and getting to perform it are treasures of life. How wonderful to get the opportunity to be part of an organized program at school to explore this great art form. I am proud to be part of the instrumental music system in Douglas County and very much enjoy watching students achieve their successes in music every year."


"I fully support these music programs, and I understand the importance of making these opportunities available for all kids. All kids have talents and treasures waiting to be developed, and it is great that these programs will allow kids the opportunity to explore their interests, hopes and dreams."

"Music is a wonderful way for students to be expressive, creative, and have fun."

"It is our responsibility to educate the "whole" child. Musicality is an important component of intelligence and learning. Without music where would we be? I strongly support band and orchestra as an enrichment opportunity for our students. Music is a universal language...a language we are proud to offer students in Douglas County."

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